Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mascara talk! (plus im BaaaaAACCccccKKk)

hey guys! i got back from vacay, and now im soooo excited from skool to start!
         i have a story. kind of. SO bought the falsies flared mascara which ive been wanting to try FOREVER and when i got home...It wasnt anywhere :( but anyway ive been loving the voluminous mascara from loreal in carbon black...i havent really been liking the telescopic explosion mascara..which was 'in' like last year...like the little spiky ball mascaras... but i have been loving the lancome hypnose drama mascara, which is $25 ish, so actually pretty good but a cheap dupe is falsies!
         alrighty, so what mascaras r U loving/not liking???
p.s. maybelline and benefit are my favorite mascara brands:))